Case No. £¨2017£©Yue 72 Min Chu 705 Tribunal Hearing the Case Maritime Business Tribunal
Case Category Civil Case Judicial Procedure First Instance
Cause of Action Cases on disputes over contracts of labor services provided by the crew
Date of Register 2017-08-16 Case Status Archived
Object of Action RMB:36000.00 Sentencing Date
Date to be Into Force 2017-12-08 Date of Archiving 2018-01-10
Deadline for Trial Term 2018-02-16 Chief Judge Chen Zhenqing
Presiding Judge Chen Zhenqing Members of Collegial Panel Chang Weiping,Song Ruiqiu
Court Clerk Luo xujiao Phone of the Court Clerk
Litigants Peng Youxin v. Boluo County Huaan Shipping Co.,Ltd

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