The Advisory Service Team of Guangzhou Maritime Court was met cordially by Mayor Wen Guohui

2018-01-29 11:52:21 BJT


On the morning of Jan. 11th, 2018, the third meeting of the Fifteenth Guangzhou Peoples Congress was solemnly opened at Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center. Municipal Party Secretary Ren Xuefeng, Chairman Liu Yuelun of the Committee of Guangzhou People's Political Consultative Conference attended the meeting hosted by Director Chen Jianhua of the Standing Committee of Guangzhou People' s Congress. Mayor Wen Guohui delivered a report on the work of the government. President Ye Liudong of Guangzhou Maritime Court attended the meeting with Vice-president Huang Weiqing and Vice-president Wang Yufei as observers.

Guangzhou Maritime Court sent out an advisory service team of four, including Director Ni Xuewei of Judicial Supervision Division, Judge Wu Guining, Judge Assistant Geng Lijun and Ouyang Di, to provide advisory service for the deputies of Peoples Congress. Mayor Wen Guohui and Director Chen Jianhua of the Standing Committee of Guangzhou People' s Congress met with the advisory service team cordially. The team answered comprehensively to the questions raised by Deputy Zhuang Weiyan about the trial, preventive measures, assessment and accreditation of cases involving marine environmental pollution, then, gave the 2016 Guangzhou Maritime Court Report on Trials in three languages of Chinese, English and Portuguese to the deputies as presents.

In the past year, the economic strength of Guangzhou improved steadily and the pace of innovation has accelerated markedly. The emerging industry continued to grow. The "Three go, one drop, one supplement" Policy has scored obvious results. Social governance was strengthened. According to the requirements of four insists, three supports and two front ranks and the general objective of striving to make people to feel the justice and fairness in very judicial case, Guangzhou Maritime Court, a special court dealing with maritime litigation, made every effort to provide excellent judicial safeguard service for the Belt and Road Initiative and the Strategies of constucting the Guangzhou international shipping center,the Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, of building Guangdong into a powerful maritime province and China into a maritime power. In 2017, there are 2614 new cases and 616 remained cases last year tried by the judges of Guangzhou Maritime Court, 2806 cases claiming for CNY 7.351 billion of which are concluded in the same year. The amounts of trial, conclusion and claim are increased by 7.1%, 16.8% and 16.2% over the last year respectively. Judges at the front line concluded 100.2 trials per person this year. They made important contribution to the construction of building Guangdong into the safest,fairest,and the most stable region with the best legal environment.

After the meeting, President Ye Liudong came to the service counter to inquire about the advisory service and accepted the reporters interview.


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